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Mundelein Seminarian, Chip Chipman is on the radio with host, Fr. Francis, discussing being a seminarian and why more and more young men are responding to God's call to the priesthood.

Friday, Jan. 2 at 9am on Relevant Radio (950-AM in Chicago and suburbs, 930-AM in far western suburbs, 1270-AM in Gary, IN.)


Archbishop Cupich and Fr. Barron welcomed 155 men to the “Who Will Fill These Shoes?” vocation event on Black Friday.  Some came for a second year  to meet our new Archbishop and to hear more about the call to the priesthood.  Archbishop Cupich encouraged them to keep using their imagination as they hear more about the life of seminarians and the priests.

Men ages 16-19 had breakout session led by St. Joseph College Seminarian.  They heard about the Quigley Scholars High School Program and St. Joseph College Seminary.

Men 20 and older had breakout sessions led by Mundelein Seminarians, where they heard about being a seminarian and about two discernment programs: Exploring Priesthood Weekends and INSEARCH Discernment Program.

Fr. Barron also welcomed members of the John Paul II Eucharistic Adoration Association, who brought a Monstrance blessed by St. John Paul II.  Fr. Barron blessed and commissioned them to spend the entire time in Adoration at the Seminary’s John Pal Ii Chapel.  The Seminarians and those discerning were grateful for the prayer support. 

For more information contact Fr. Francis Bitterman at fbitterman@archchicago.org or at 312-534-8298

Last year, the day after Thanksgiving, 144 men came to Mundelein Seminary to learn more about the priesthood.  Also 85 priests from their parishes came to support them.

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2014-11-20 Vatican Radio

Every state of life leads to holiness, always”, but only if we are open to the grace of God’s gift, said Pope Francis Wednesday, speaking of the universal call to holiness of all baptized at his general audience.

In his catechesis at the General Audience, the Pope we must remember that holiness is a gift from God - it is not something we can achieve on our own.

Holiness, he continued “is not the prerogative of only a few: holiness is a gift that is offered to all, without exception, so that it constitutes the distinctive character of every Christian.”

“We are all called to be saints,” he said. But holiness is not “granted only to those who have the opportunity to break away from the ordinary tasks, to devote themselves to prayer.” Rather, everyone is called to holiness in their own state of life. “Indeed,” he said, “it is by living with love and offering Christian witness in our daily tasks that we are called to become saints… Always and everywhere you can become a saint, that is, by being receptive to the grace that is working in us and leads us to holiness.”


Last year, the day after Thanksgiving, 144 men came to Mundelein Seminary to learn more about the priesthood.  Also 85 priests from their parishes came to support them.

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I will be an in studio guest on the Pat McCormack Show this Saturday, Nov. 15 at 10:15 am – 11am.

We will talk about Vocations; Formation; Archdiocese News (Installation of our New Archbishop, Blase Cupich)

Radio Chicago: 930AM; 950AM; NW Indiana 1270AM

Internet (streaming)   http://relevantradio-wm.streamguys.us/relevantradiowntd

Please tune in and hear what is happening!

2014-11-13 Vatican Radio

Pope Francis today urged bishops, priests and deacons always to be humble and to recognize that their ministry is an unmerited gift of God’s mercy.

Speaking at the weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope said the Lord continues to shepherd his flock with love through the ordained ministry of bishops, priests and deacons.

Recalling the Pastoral Epistles the Apostle Paul sent to his disciples Timothy and Titus in which he highlights human qualities such as the capacity to be welcoming, sober, patient, meek, reliable and good of heart as absolute necessities as well, of course, as the gifts of faith and holiness for those who receive the gift of vocation.

No bishop, priest or deacon – the Pope said – must assume an authoritarian attitude, and behave as if his community were his own property and personal reign.

The acknowledgment – he continued - that his ministry is a gift and a grace, helps a pastor never to fall into the temptation of putting himself at the center of attention or of relying only upon himself, Francis said.

A bishop, priest or deacon must never assume that he knows all, always has the right answer and never has to ask for help. To the contrary – the Pope said – he must always be humble and understanding towards others, he must listen to his people and be aware that he always has something to learn, even from those who may still be far from faith and from the Church.

Let us thank the Lord – Pope Francis concluded – for this ministry in the Church, and pray that our ordained ministers may always be sustained in their efforts to be living icons of the Father’s loving concern for all his children.


Last year, the day after Thanksgiving, 140 men came to Mundelein Seminary to learn more about the priesthood.  Also 80 priests from their parishes came to support them.

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Published 2014-10-17

Bishop Juan Ignacio, Bishop of San Bernardo in Chile asks the Pope for guidance about your vocation! Listen to the pope and allow Jesus to look at you! We are grateful to Fr. Eric Gonzalez of the Diocese of San Bernardo for translating and sharing it.

Archbishop-designate Blase Cupich receives Chicago Bears gear from Father Jack Wall, president of the Catholic Extension Society, during a press conference in Lincolnshire on Sept. 22. The archbishop was attending a previously scheduled meeting of the society, of which he is a board member. (Karen Callaway/Catholic New World)

Catholic New World has continual coverage of Archbishop Cupich on their webisr at http://catholicnewworld.com/. The post will give updated about him and about the plans for his installation and where he is leading the Archdiocese.  Share the postings with your friends. Twitter is @CathNewWorld

Archbishop-designate Blase Cupich the current bishop of Spokane, Washington was introduced to Archdiocese of Chicago on Saturday September 20.  He will be installed as Chicago’s Archbishop on November 18th at Holy Name Cathedral.  Please keep Cardinal George and Archbishop-designate Cupich in your prayers. For more inforation check out the link below.


INSEARCH start up in October.  It is a program for post-college-age men with serious interest in diocesan priesthood and runs from October through March. The design is based on the principle that a man must first attend to growth as a human being, then as a Christian disciple, and finally a priest. INSEARCH meetings are held in downtown Chicago. The program includes opportunities to learn and grow in Catholic prayer forms such as Lectio Divina, Liturgy of the Hours, and other forms of meditation common to priests. The program also features seminarian guest speakers sharing their vocational call stories as well as priests sharing the stories of their spiritual lives and current work in ministry. It has a long history of success in helping men to discern their vocation. This "success" is helping men know more clearly God's vocational call for them.


Attend Exploring Priesthood Weekend at Mundelein Seminary October 3-5.  Meet at Mundelein Seminary with priests, seminarians and other men, considering a call to the priesthood.  Weekend will feature presentations, prayer, and additional opportunities to talk candidly with seminarians about their lives and vocations. You can obtain further information or make a reservation by contacting Fr. Francis Bitterman at 312-534-8298, fbitterman@archchicago.org.  


ChicagoPriest.com has more than a new look.  It has a new sense of urgency for men to answer the call to the priesthood and help bring Christ to a broken world.

There are new and compelling videos and photos about the Chicago Priests, real men who are giving their lives for what matters most.

God is calling. Do you have what it takes to say yes?







Exploring Priesthood Weekend 
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